Drapanias is a small village in north-western Crete. It was built in the ruins of the ancient town of Mythimna.


Drapanias can be accessed via the main road to Kissamos. The small traditional village has 3 traditional Greek taverns which serve Greek food and are more than happy to play a game of tavli with you. The village has two bakeries in which you can find home made pastries, bread and cakes and there is also one small shop, selling basic products. A large church is at the heart of Drapanias, situated in the square. The church holds regular services on Sundays and is the soul of many of the locals. Frequent KTEL buses connect the village with various locations, such as Kissamos and Chania.


The west coast of Crete includes some of the most famous sights such as Elafonisi, Falasarna and Balos on Cape Gramvousa, which you all can easily reach from Drapanias by car or boat. Also exists a bus service from Drapanias/Paralia to the famous gorge of Samaria. Furthermore there are three smaller gorges nearby of our location: The gorge of Roka, which is in our direct neighbourhood, the gorge of Delanion and Sirikari gorge, which leads you to wellknown ancient Polirinia. Not far away on a wonderful road to Elafonisi you will find also the breathtaking cave of Santa Sofia.